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ESSENCE Street-Style Block Party


An eclectic taste for music and an ear for what's hot, Fab Roc spins everything from the newest records to reggae/dancehall, afrobeats, Top 40, old school classics, hip-hop, R&B, funk and soul house. She has a passion for finding sounds that are beyond what is just on the current mainstream channels. Listen to her mixes, here


Fab Roc aspires to leave a lasting impression on all attendees of her events and clients. It's always about the music, and using the platform you have to inspire others. 


Fab Roc has had the pleasure of spinning for some of the most recognizable brands, including JIMMY CHOO, ESSENCE, Tommy Hilfiger, XXL, Community 54, DASH Radio, MetroHealth Plus, and more. She's also been fortunate enough to travel to the UK, Canada & Bermuda to share her passion internationally. 

fab roc is


the quintessential New Yorker. With drive and passion that have propelled her career, she stands as the beacon for Millennial entrepreneurs. Born and raised in New York, Fab has begun an illustrious career in the heart of the nation’s financial capitol. Fab’s background in event planning has heightened her appetite to become even more involved in the music curation space.

As an event producer by day, DJing has become her second leg. Having learned the fundamental skills at the hallowed Dubspot school, Fab Roc has been able to combine her love for music with her passion for curating events. She has accomplished a vast amount in just over two years, already having notable clients as well as DJing across the nation and over seas. This speaks volumes for her work ethic and dedication to her craft. With a robust knowledge of music, Fab Roc has become known for her seamless transitions and ability to Roc a crowd. As Fab Roc continues to dabble in her diverse song selection, she has not ceased to her learning. Honing her skills everyday, she has set out to be the best, newcomer to the DJ scene.


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